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We make HOA Property Management a Snap


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All-In-One Platform for all your Accounting and Management needs

With SnapHOA, you get the best of both worlds - the personal touch of accounting professionals and the convenience of a user-friendly app - for effortless HOA management.

Simplifies Life for HOAs and Condominiums


SnapHOA is more than an app. It’s a hand-held solution that’s backed by a team of HOA accounting professionals who will streamline your record keeping and provide you with monthly financials.


Whether you need to reserve the clubhouse, report a maintenance issue, or pay fees, you can do it all from the convenience of your desktop, tablet and mobile device.

Board Members

As a board member, information is critical to your decision-making process. Whether you need to access work orders, check on financial information, or follow up on violations, it’s all right here.

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Easily manage your community's inspections by keeping track of violations, reporting on amenities, and filing work orders in a user-friendly format.

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Urban & High-Rise

We understand the demands that can be placed on a general manager. That’s why we talked with those on the front line and created a solution that brings everything you need into one consolidated system.

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Professional managers, board members, and residents all agree

I have ben managing for 12 years, mostly in high rises. Of the 12 years I have been managing, there has never been a property management system that checked all of the boxes, and financial management was always a 2nd or 3rd system that you needed to master to navigate the demands of each community. Snap HOA is literally a one stop shop for all the things needed to manage at a high level and helps to shorten the time needed to complete important daily tasks. From Key Trak integration to AI Communication tools and financial management tools in one application, managing buildings has never been easier.

Nathan WatsonHigh Rise HOA Manager

SnapHOA has truly made a difference in our community. With their inspection management tools, we are able to keep our neighborhood looking great and our residents happy. We couldn't be happier with the results!

Aura BrooksHOA Community Manager

SnapHOA has exceeded our expectations in every way possible. Their platform is intuitive, their customer service is exceptional, and their accounting solutions have saved us a lot of money. Highly recommend to anyone looking to streamline their HOA management!

Olivia WilliamsHOA Manager

SnapHOA has revolutionized the way we manage our HOA. With their user-friendly platform, we are able to streamline our operations and improve communication within our community. Highly recommend!

Jack GrahamHOA Manager

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