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Urban & High-Rise

HOA Manager

Ashley Parks

Meet Ashley, an HOA manager

“I’m trying to balance the Accounting department and having good communication with Residents, while trying to juggle meetings and overall managing the HOA. I need some type of software where I can do everything I need in one place.”

“I want to have a HOA software with Accounting and inspection abilities where I can go to one place and manage it easily. I don’t want to spend a fortune to do so or have a deadline to accomplish the learning curve.”


Financial Documentation

Budgeting templates & prep support; comprehensive financial statements; manager & board alerts for stale-dated checks, maturing CDs & much more.

Online Payments

Seamless & secure online payments; recurring AutoPay, one-time payments, eCheck, credit cards – it’s all here.


Timely, high-quality eStatements containing account balances and important association information.


Streamlined online processing of architectural applications for residents, committees, and management teams.


Native mobile inspection app for boards & managers to easily inspect and automatically communicate violation/CC&R reminders.


Secure owner payment history and details, used for review of a property's complete financial history.

Work Orders

Owner-specific work order submission & management; community common area work orders too.


User-friendly mass e-mail, text alerts, reusable templates, scheduling, and online announcements.

Resident Services

Time-tested, proven resources & tools to make association living a snap.

Why Ashley Chose SnapHOA

The A-Z approach of the SnapHOA design has allowed me to stop worrying about things that I used to. A reliable and responsive accounting team is available to help with any questions I might have. Conducting inspections and sending out communication to residents and the board is so simple - my whole team knows how to use it!

Ashley ParksGeneral Manager

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