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Damon Johson HOA Manager
Regional Manager

Damon Johnson

Meet Damon, Regional Manager

“I’m trying to balance the Accounting department and having good communication with Residents, which as a Regional Manager would be juggling meetings and my team’s overall managing of our HOA’s.  I need some type of software where I can do everything I need in one place.”

“My goal was to streamline our management processes and improve accounting practices by implementing an HOA technology with accounting solutions. The objective was to automate accounting tasks, reduce manual errors, and improve financial transparency for our homeowner associations while also enhancing community engagement through a user-friendly platform.”

“SnapHOA significantly improved our management processes, allowing me to focus on community engagement and other important tasks. The platform’s automated accounting solutions and real-time financial transparency improved the confidence of our homeowner associations in our financial management, leading to increased satisfaction and retention rates without spending a fortune to do so.”


Financial Documentation

Budgeting templates & prep support; comprehensive financial statements; manager & board alerts for stale-dated checks, maturing CDs & much more.

Online Payments

Seamless & secure online payments; recurring AutoPay, one-time payments, eCheck, credit cards – it’s all here.


Timely, high-quality eStatements containing account balances and important association information.


Streamlined online processing of architectural applications for residents, committees, and management teams.


Native mobile inspection app for boards & managers to easily inspect and automatically communicate violation/CC&R reminders.


Secure owner payment history and details, used for review of a property's complete financial history.

Work Orders

Owner-specific work order submission & management; community common area work orders too.


User-friendly mass e-mail, text alerts, reusable templates, scheduling, and online announcements.

Resident Services

Time-tested, proven resources & tools to make association living a snap.

Why Damon Chose SnapHOA

SnapHOA has allowed our team to easily stay on top of the accounting needs for all of our clients, as well as provide a tool for our managers, residents, and board members to experience transparency through the the Resident and Board Portal's seamless integration with the management software.

Damon JohnsonRegional Manager

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