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About Us

Action Property Management is all about making life better in the communities we manage.

Who We Are

Action Property Management is the largest privately-owned homeowner association management company in the West.

Our size enables us to match or exceed all of the resources of the biggest, national companies while retaining the agility and flexibility of a local company. We are able to customize resources easily that will benefit our clients.

A well-managed association goes beyond the mere fulfillment of its fiduciary responsibilities—it seeks to improve the quality of life for residents. Our goal is to shape our services to the unique needs of your community so you can live the moments that matter in the best possible way.

Meet the Team

We stockpile top talent.

We provide an atmosphere that attracts and retains the best people in our industry. That is what makes the day to day difference in our residents’ lives.
Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Holbrook

Matthew Holbrook has been a part of shaping Action Property Management since 1996. He started his career at Action as a community manager and quickly grew into leadership roles in the company. Ultimately, he became CEO and owner of Action Property Management. Matthew is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in business economics and holds an MBA from Pepperdine University. He is actively involved in his church, leading both the youth and college ministries. He and his wife Alice have three children: Isaac, Seth, and Abigail.

Mark Holbrook

Mark Holbrook brings extensive executive level experience and capabilities to Action Property Management, having served for 36 years as CEO of a financial institution that grew to $1 billion in assets under his leadership. Mr. Holbrook joined with Matthew Holbrook and Marianne Simek to acquire ownership of Action in 2014 and now oversees the Orange County portfolio of 65 homeowner associations. He also serves on Action's board of directors and strategic planning task force.
Executive Vice President

Matthew Davidson, CMCA, AMS, CCAM-HR

Matt has extensive experience in homeowners association management, from gated communities to high-rises and has been working in the industry since 2003. Since joining Action in 2005, Matt has focused exclusively on urban high and mid-rise communities as an on-site general manager and a division leader. Matt is a graduate of Action’s LEADWell program and has served on the board of directors of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) for 8 years, including serving as the chapter’s president, as well as on its Educational Programs Committee, and he has served on the board of his own homeowners association.
Vice President of Information Technology

Brad Perry

As the director of information technology, Brad leads the planning, evaluation, and implementation of cutting-edge technology. From front-end user-friendly websites to back-end servers, Action's IT Department provides our clients with information and tools to ask questions, get answers, pay assessments, and perform other time-saving tasks on a 24/7 basis. Brad received his bachelor’s in computer science at Cal Poly Pomona. He started his career at Hilton Hotels where he became a regional technology manager for multiple hotels in Southern California. He also worked as a Microsoft Certified Instructor teaching technology courses while serving on the Technology Advisory Board.
Vice President of Accounting Operations

Mike Morris, CAFM, CCAM

With over 20 years of diversified accounting experience, Mike brings a level of expertise and knowledge to Action's financial services that sets the standard in the industry. Mike leads the client accounting services team and has led the efforts to establish a flexible, service-oriented team that delivers accurate, timely, and transparent financial information and analyses to Action clients. Mike received his bachelor's degree in accounting and his MBA with a concentration in finance. Following his service to our country in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mike’s career has spanned a variety of industries in addition to the homeowner association industry, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.
Vice President of New Business Development

Gerri Ann Vagadori, CCAM

Gerri Ann Vagadori has been active in community management since 2000 and is responsible for the strategic development of Action Property Management's portfolio. Early in her career, Gerri Ann identified a need for an elevated level of professional management for discerning HOA clients and has been instrumental in linking Action’s premier services with such communities and buildings. Continuing her education in association management, Gerri Ann holds the Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) credential.
Director of Human Resources

Paul Firth, SPHR

With an extensive background in the hospitality industry working for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts for over 30 years, Paul brings a strong service-oriented approach to human resources. Paul has experience as both the director of human resources for various Hyatt hotel and resort locations and in auditing human resources compliance programs. He has also created and implemented long and short-term HR strategic plans and implemented various HR technology systems. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Paul leads a team of specialists that ensure that superior individuals are hired and trained to provide exceptional service to our clients. Paul is also an ongoing resource to the Action management team.
Director of Hospitality Services

Damon Partridge

In 2005, Action Property Management developed our Hospitality Services Division, headed by our director of hospitality, Damon Partridge, with the objective to bring the operational standards, training, and leadership found in a 5-star hotel and apply them to luxury community association living. Action has effectively married traditional community management services with best practices from the hospitality industry. Our Hospitality Services Division provides standards, metrics, measurements, and training as typically found in luxury hotels. The result is that the service experience of the residents at our luxury on-site properties match that of the finest hotels, while still maintaining that personal touch of being at home.
Director of Management Operations

Diane Pitchers, CMCA

Diane has been the director of management operations since 2009. She is responsible for efficient and effective management operations in all property management divisions within Action through training and education, review of existing systems and procedures, and the development of new systems and procedures. Diane started at Action in 2001 and has served in a variety of capacities to better serve our clients over the years.
Director of Accounting/Controller

Bethany Osorio

A graduate of Chapman University, with a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems and a graduate of Keller Graduate School with a master’s degree in accounting and financial management. Bethany brings over 27 years of experience with her to Action. Bethany is passionate about bringing integrity and GAAP compliance to Action’s financial reporting as well as the servicing of their clients.
Director of Accounting

Michael Hernandez

A California native, Michael received his MBA from the University of San Francisco and has held senior finance and accounting roles with Fortune 500 Companies, including Wells Fargo, Marriott, and Southern California Edison over the last twenty four years. As the director of accounting, Michael overseas Action Property Management’s Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & Collections, and Escrow departments.
Director of Business Operations

Timothy Ma, CMCA

Timothy enjoys making Action Property Management more efficient every day. Process improvements, cost savings, Outlook training, culture strategy, you name it—Timothy always believes there is a better way.
Director - Team Development

Nicole Miranda, CCAM

With over 20 years in service-oriented businesses, Nicole has a clear grasp of what it takes to deliver service experiences that make a difference. Her background in the United States Navy uniquely prepared her for a career where service standards are measured with precise attention to detail. And her education in broadcast communications journalism cultivated a communication style that fosters a working environment where team members can excel. Nicole is a vital part of Action’s support structure and plays an important role in the execution of key initiatives.
Controller – Client Accounting

Carlos Melgar, CAFM, CCAM

Carlos began his career with a CPA firm and quickly developed a reputation as a strong accounting leader. Since then, he has logged 22 years of experience in the HOA and Hospitality industries. Carlos now supervises the team of staff accountants that produces monthly financial statements for over 300 community associations managed by Action Property Management.
Community Care Manager

Josh Chance

With nearly 20 years’ experience in leading customer service and call center teams, Josh provides a technological approach to drive results every day. As a people manager first and foremost, his desire to want to make his team members come first carries over to our customers to ensure they receive the best possible assistance from Action. As the manager of Community Care, he strives to ensure your first point of contact for your HOA is a quick and easy one so you can stop worrying and enjoy living.
Regional Manager of Operations & Development

Robert Dishman, CMCA

With a property management career spanning more than 20 years, Robert has been involved in the management of some of the most luxurious properties in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. His specialty is the luxury market, with a focus on exceptional customer service and leadership. Born and raised in Tennessee, Robert blends the perfect balance of Southern charm with high-end attention to detail. His passion is training team members to deliver 5-star service, while remaining focused on overall operational excellence. Robert holds the CMCA designation from CAI, is a graduate of Action’s LEADwell program, and has been a part of the Action family since 2014.
New Business Development - Marketing & Public Relations

Erica Kreutzer

Erica Kreutzer has been active in the community management industry since 2003. She is responsible for the marketing and new business development efforts alongside vice president of new business development, Gerri Ann Vagadori. Erica spent several years assisting in the management of portfolio and on-site high-rise communities. This industry experience coupled with Erica’s time serving as a board member at her personal homeowners association has provided a skillset and understanding of what today’s board members are seeking in a professional management team.
Human Resources Manager

Rosa Raymondi, PHR

Rosa graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in human services. She has over eight years of multi-state property management experience as a human resources manager. Rosa is passionate about employee well-being, and she believes it plays a huge role in the workplace.
Corporate Recruiter

Brittney Wigginton

Since joining Action in 2014, Brittney has helped Action attract and hire the industry's top talent. A graduate from the University of La Verne with a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, Brittney is well versed in the latest recruitment strategies and best practices. A certified Leader through Action's LEADwell program, Brittney's goal is to help make others successful. Whether she's identifying emerging talent or seasoned professionals, she is passionate about finding individuals who have the perfect blend of competence and high character.
Special Projects

Scott Fewell

Scott Fewell has been with Action for 6 years, serving as a corporate resource to assist clients in many ways, including through the on-boarding process to Action Property Management, supporting them during manager transition and other resolving other challenging situations. During his tenure, Scott has held the general manager position for several prestigious buildings in the California market, including the Millennium Tower, The Harrison, 181 Fremont, Azzurra, and The Cove. He has also filled in at various positions, both on-site and as part of the corporate leadership team. Scott approaches supervision of staff and the interactions with homeowners and board members with compassion and kindness, and he promotes employee wellness through work-life balance and staff support processes.

Scott Sears, CMCA, AMS

Scott Sears has been an active community manager since 2007 in the suburbs of Chicago, IL and relocated to Action Property Management in sunny California in 2015. He now oversees the Inland Empire portfolio of approximately 40 associations. Scott is a graduate of Millikin University in Decatur, IL. Scott prides himself on constantly building relationships based on trust and respect and also inspiring fellow community managers to set industry leading standards for all Action clients.
Manager of Community Services

Anthony A. Edwards

Anthony brings to the HOA industry a dedication to excellence in customer service. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in political science. From there, he gained experience in project management and property management for the commercial aggregate industry. His understanding of management and project development has made him a valuable asset for Action.
Vice President

Christopher Glennon

With more than 20 years of award-winning experience, Christopher has a proven track record of producing innovative solutions and corporate culture transformation that positively impact the hospitality, multi-family, and HOA industries. His degree in hotel and institutional management from Texas Tech University prepared him for a career with a wide-ranging background that gives him a unique perspective to lead our Dallas team.

Mark Holbrook

Mark Holbrook brings extensive executive level experience and capabilities to Action Property Management, having served for 36 years as CEO of a financial institution that grew to $1 billion in assets under his leadership. Mr. Holbrook joined with Matthew Holbrook and Marianne Simek to acquire ownership of Action in 2014 and now oversees the Orange County portfolio of 65 homeowner associations. He also serves on Action's board of directors and strategic planning task force.
Regional Manager

Rhonda Hart, CMCA

Rhonda graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA in 2003 and began her professional career in community association management in 2004, specializing in portfolio management of condominium and single family home communities. Since joining the Action team in 2013, she has been promoted to the senior manager of community services role in the Orange County corporate office and is a graduate of Action’s LEADwell program. Rhonda utilizes her leadership skills to bring out the best in her team in a values-driven environment with the success of each team member being her primary goal. She works closely with the operations, technology, and support department teams to enhance processes and procedures in order to improve efficiencies for managers and deliver the highest level of service to our clients.
Regional Manager

Ryan Darby, CMCA

In 2009, Ryan began his career in association management while attending Cal State Northridge. Upon graduating with a degree in finance in 2011, he decided to stay within the industry as a community manager as he enjoys finding unique solutions for his communities. Since the start of his career, Ryan has managed a wide variety of communities that include all residential, new development, live-work, and mixed-use communities. Ryan joined Action as a community manager in 2015, graduated Action’s LEADwell program in 2017, and has been a manager of community services since 2020, where he has demonstrated his ability to lead both team members and communities.
Regional Manager

Alex Esteves, CMCA, AMS

As a graduate of the humanities from Cal Poly Pomona, Alejandra began her career in community management in 2010. She is driven by her passion for excellence and the satisfaction she receives from recruiting, training, and guiding Orange County’s brightest talent. Alex joined the Action team in 2019, offering hands-on experience. She quickly demonstrated the qualities necessary to serve as a relatable leader with the ability to optimize team performance and deliver unmatched client retention and services.
Regional Manager

Ryan Lancaster, CMCA, AMS

Ryan graduated from Cal State Fullerton and began his career in community management in 2005. He holds his CMCA and AMS designations with CAI. He joined the Action team in 2017 and has held various positions with the company in both high-rise and portfolio management and is currently serving as manager of community services on the Orange County portfolio team. Ryan is a Certified Leader from the Action LEADwell program which has enabled him to provide support and guidance to team members and communities.
Vice President

Richard Crane, CMCA, AMS

Rich is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and a 25+ year hospitality management veteran with extensive experience in all facets of the industry. From hotels and restaurants to commercial and residential venues, Rich has managed top 5-star properties and portfolios in cities such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Century City, Marina del Rey, and downtown Los Angeles. Rich has extensive experience in new development and start-up operations and has successfully integrated LEED Gold and Silver designations into his projects, propelling them to the top of their respective markets in both value and perception. He was a past board member of the Marina del Rey CVB and continues to chair panels on continued training and education.

Eve Lopez, CCAM, CMCA

Beginning her career in HOA management in 2006, Eve brings a diverse background in management and a passion for excellence to the Action leadership team. Her background includes mixed-use properties, commercial properties, new developments, condos, PUD’s, luxury high-rises, and mid-rise buildings. Since joining Action in 2016, Eve has been involved in overseeing a variety of communities ranging from condo communities, to serving as an onsite general manager at a luxury mid-rise and currently serving as regional manager for LA & OC. Eve is a Certified Leader through Action’s LEADwell program which allows her to provide exceptional leadership to the team and clients.
Regional Manager

Jessica Koval, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

A Northwood University graduate with a bachelor’s in business, focusing on hotel & resort management. Jessica is passionate about hospitality in luxury buildings and has been in the association industry since 2008, focusing on high rise and mixed-use condominiums. A member of CAI and a volunteer on CAI’s Outreach Committee, she is passionate about giving back to her community. She enjoys learning, developing the Action team, and applying her skills to improve the communities she serves. She is a graduate of Action’s LEADwell program and maintains her CMCA, AMS, and PCAM designations.
Regional Manager

Sheridan Thompson, CMCA, AMS

Sheridan started at Action over ten years ago as an entry-level, overnight associate. During these years, he would rise to several managerial roles including general manager of both a historical building and a luxury high-rise. Sheridan also served as Area Wide Director for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC), where he represented constituents as a liaison to City Hall. Sheridan is passionate about serving his colleagues and residents that comprise the homeowners associations we represent. Sheridan maintains designations as a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and an Association Management Specialist (AMS).
Regional Manager

Dean Driscoll, CCAM, CMCA, AMS

Community management has been Dean's focus more than 20 years, with a Florida CAM license and real estate license. Dean has significant experience in property management operations, as well as a background in commercial property management. Dean is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University, New York.
Senior Manager of Community Services

Arielle Jones, CCAM

Arielle has 11+ years of association management experience, including three years as an on-site general manager. She has been actively involved in the community management industry and maintains both her CMCA and CCAM certifications. Arielle has been employed with Action Property Management since 2011, managing a portfolio of condominium and PUD projects in the Los Angeles area. She has consistently demonstrated effective team-building skills that support sustainability while promoting a collaborative environment across organizational levels, inclusive of owners, tenants, vendors, adjacent properties, and municipalities.
Senior Manager of Community Services

Shaun Fury

Shaun has been with Action for over 6 years. He first started as an on-call move-in coordinator in 2016 and was quickly promoted to an associate manager. Shaun has gained much experience in working with homeowner associations spanning from condominiums to PUD projects in the greater Los Angeles area. Shaun consistently demonstrates effective methods of problem-solving and improved customer relations. With his most recent promotion to senior manager, he will be pursuing additional education within Action’s LEADwell program.
Regional Manager of Maintenance Services

John Ramirez

John Ramirez is a 20+ year veteran in building engineering. He has completed both air conditioning and mechanical programing certifications and is licensed and certified in HVAC maintenance. John has implemented preventive maintenance programs for properties and educated his employees to become certified building engineers. With Action Property Management since January 2010, John has helped create scopes of work for major reserve projects and construction defect opportunities. Currently, John is the regional manager of engineering services and supports Action’s engineers in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.
Regional Hospitality Manager

Kevan White

A graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and holding a master’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona in hospitality management, Kevan comes to Action Property Management with 10+ years in the hospitality industry. Kevan has held the positions of assistant general manager and director of guest services for brands such as Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG. Kevan is also a part time professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, where he teaches Hotel Front Office Management, Hotel Operations, and Enhancing the Guest Experience. Kevan’s job is to ensure every resident and their guests are provided the highest level of service. The key to providing an authentic high level of service starts with genuinely caring about people.
Regional Manager

Valerie Segars, CMCA, AMS

Valerie brings more than 25 years of experience managing large scale master planned community associations, consisting of commercial, single family, active adult, and condominiums. Her achievements include developing procedures that protect associations from loss of revenue of non-collected assessments, significantly reducing operating costs and reserve expenditures, and developing and implementing procedures for an association under receivership of the city and completing years of neglected maintenance. Valerie's efforts resulted in the city being presented with the prestigious Helen Putnam Award for the accomplishments achieved for the association and its members.
Vice President

Kim Nguyen, CMCA

After moving from Seattle to San Diego, Kim began her career in the association management industry in 2006, and currently leads Action’s San Diego region. Kim’s background in both portfolio and on-site management set a strong foundation for her focus on customer service excellence and results-driven leadership with both her team and clients. Currently leading the teams that manage some of the most recognizable buildings in San Diego, Kim is passionate about excellence and finding great solutions for our boards and associations. Kim is a graduate of Action’s LEADwell program and holds her CMCA designation through CAI.

Corinne Brugman, CMCA

Corinne has been in the HOA management industry since 2007 and with Action Property Management since 2013. A graduate of UC Irvine, with graduate work at the University of Missouri Law School, Corinne brings a robust perspective to leading HOAs and coaching managers for optimal performance. She holds her CMCA through Community Associations Institute (CAI). In addition, Corinne graduated from Action’s LEADwell program and provides experienced leadership for Action teams and clients.
Manager of Community Services

Catie Contreras, CMCA, AMS, CCAM

Catie attended Ashford University and graduated with a BA in psychology and human resources development. She began her career in the HOA industry as a receptionist and worked her way up to her current role as a senior manager. With more than 11 years of homeowners association management experience, Catie’s strong desire to problem-solve and provide quality customer service lends to her success in the industry. She is committed to collaborating and showing genuine interest in individuals’ quality of life.
Manager of Community Services

Mimi Stansberry, CMCA

Mimi began her career in the HOA industry in 2005 as an assistant manager on portfolio accounts and quickly grew in the industry. Mimi joined the Action team in 2007 as an assistant general manager on-site at a luxury high-rise. She was soon promoted to the on-site general manager of a midrise for the next eight years. Mimi enjoys contributing to the success of others, an important part of her current role on the senior management team in San Diego. She is an example of the opportunities for growth at Action. With more than 15 years of experience in HOA management, Mimi continues to provide professional management and guidance to boards and residents.
Manager of Community Services

Kelly Thomson, CMCA, CCAM

Kelly attended California State University of Fullerton and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a focus in sports studies for coaching. She began her career in the HOA industry as a front desk associate with Action and has worked in many different positions within the company. This allows Kelly to help team members achieve great solutions based on her experience. In addition, Kelly graduated from Action’s LEADwell program and provides experienced leadership for Action teams and clients.
Hospitality Services Coordinator

Angel Crossland

For the past eight years, Angel has worked with Action Property Management in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco markets. Today, Angel provides hospitality services as a quality control liaison for front desks and janitorial services in San Diego. Regular property visits and ensuing reports provide a second set of eyes that the general managers and boards of directors can count on to help internal processes run smoothly, with the expectation of 5-star status. Angel also manages a team of on-call front desk associates that provide back-up coverage, and she assists human resources to obtain and train the best talent in the industry.
Vice President

Candace Caldana-Walk, CCAM

As vice president of the San Francisco office with Action, Candace provides oversight of the management operations for high-rise condominium associations, including the supervision and development of team members, new business development, pre-management consulting, strategic planning, and board member relations. Candace began her career in association management in 2003 and has gained extensive experience and a proven track record of success, having managed luxury high-rise, master planned, and new development communities within the Bay Area.
Regional Manager

Lesley Tubby, CMCA, AMS

Lesley has been in the HOA industry since 2014, is CMCA and AMS certified through CAI, and holds a California Real Estate License. Lesley oversees the portfolio-managed communities in our San Francisco office. Her responsibilities include supervision of Action team members, new business development and relationship building with clients, developers, and vendors. Lesley’s experience in the HOA industry is focused solely on portfolio-managed homeowners associations. Her experience ranges from small planned-development communities to large-scale condo construction defect. Lesley’s goal is to lead her team to deliver the highest standards of living for our residents.
Regional Manager

Derek Mashal, CCAM, CMCA

Derek has been in the property management industry since 2006. He quickly demonstrated the qualities necessary to serve as a relatable leader with the ability to optimize team performance and deliver excellent client retention and services. Derek oversees the on-site managed communities in our San Francisco office, as well as new business development, and relationship building with clients, developers, and vendors. He is a Certified Manager of Community Associations through the Community Association Managers International Certification Board, as well as a Certified Community Association Manager through the California Association of Community Managers.
Regional Engineering Supervisor

Robert Burns

Robert’s 30-plus year background includes experience in commercial, hospitality, and residential buildings, as well as commercial construction and project management.
At Action, he conducts annual property inspections, producing scorecards and reports for each property. He also coordinates and conducts education meetings, including specialized training on a wide range of engineering subjects. And he assists the team in trouble-shooting complex issues. In addition, Robert oversees engineering teams who fill-in during staff vacancies at buildings, provide service for clients without resources for full-time, engineering staff, and serve as support for larger projects.
Regional Hospitality Manager

Ashley Greenberg

With a bachelor’s degree in events and hospitality management from International Hotel School Sandton, Ashley has held management positions in multiple five-star hotels in San Francisco. Ashley translates that luxury hotel experience into the service training and oversight support at Action-managed properties. His responsibilities include hospitality training, conducting inspections to produce scorecards based on service and performance, and oversight of Action’s on-call team that supplies fill-in front desk coverage as needed to cover for absences at any building.

Jan Lhotka

Our History

Jan Lhotka started Action Property Management in 1984 with just one client. She identified an unmet need in the industry and seized an opportunity that came her way.

At the time, HOA management was characterized by unethical and unprofessional services. So, starting with the first client, Jan established a foundation of ethics and professionalism. Those hallmarks continue to echo throughout the company today and Action has grown to well over 200 communities under management and more than 650 employees.

In 2014, long time Action executives, Matthew Holbrook and Marianne Simek, purchased the company and became the new owners of Action Property Management. Having led the strategic and operational functions of the company since 2000, Matthew and Marianne treasure the legacy built by Jan. Rooted in deep ethical convictions and a commitment to professional service, the company continues its trajectory of shaping the industry through always improving service.

You have pre-organized processes in place to manage the work flow with such professionalism which has helped to unburden the board’s workload, decrease our stress, and assure us with appropriate guidance.

Board Member, San Diego High Rise

You have pre-organized processes in place to manage the work flow with such professionalism which has helped to unburden the board’s workload, decrease our stress, and assure us with appropriate guidance.

Board Member, San Diego High Rise

The manner in which you all keep [our building] so well maintained is something to behold and makes us so very proud to live here.

Resident, San Francisco Mid Rise

“Through the expertly conducted transition, we experienced Action’s true strength, its people. The talent demonstrated, with a high caliber of customer service, spans clerical through management personnel.”

C. M., Board Member, San Francisco
Action Cares

Our mission is “to improve the quality of people’s lives.” This mission propels everything we do as a company.

We want to improve lives for our team members and for people who live in communities we manage. We also want to positively impact people around the world through local and global outreach efforts. That’s why Action is engaged in both local charities and international humanitarian outreach. Action Cares is more than a motto – it’s a genuine value.